About Us

Who we are and our mission

SharpLooks is a mobile optical service provider of Prescription/Non-prescription eyewear. Our licensed optician will bring the eyewear collection right to your door within GTA only and help you to find frames and lens that is suitable for you. Saving you time and money.

- Our goal is to provide the best vision possible with our high-quality eyewear products at a reasonable cost, by cutting down the middle man and bring product directly at your service.

- We are all about customer satisfaction and convenience.

- We are committed to performing our craft and function at its best.

Our Story
Throughout my years of working in the Optical field, I started to notice so many people especially students, are buying prescription glasses online or by other cheap options such as: importing glasses from different countries that would be covered under their budget/insurance. To confirm, When I asked why they bought eyewear online and the reply was, Affordability of glasses. However, patients did not realize that they were choosing glasses that may not be made with correct measurements (Pupillary Distance, Ocular Centre, Vertex distance) or other factors (Prescription, Pantoscopic angle, etc.). These patients inspire SharpLooks Eyewear to come into an action. Here affordability issues won't be a barrier for purchasing eyewear, and you will also get good quality proper products.




Here is a brief synopsis about me. I completed my Opticianry program in 2016 from Georgian College. Throughout my years of experience working in the optical field, I have had the privilege of working with well-known optical clinics (e.g., Hakim Optical, Vogue Optical, etc.). While as an Optician at these clinics, I got hands-on experience with new optical technology. My priority is to provide the best eyewear product to all my patients at very reasonable cost.