Who is the Optician?

The Optician is a certified health care professional who is trained to take important optical measurements (eg; pupillary distance, ocular center height and many more). They help to fit and verify eyeglass lenses, frames and contact lenses, etc. for good vision correction based on the prescription prescribed by the eye doctor.

To help you better understand, we are similar job descriptions as compared to a pharmacist. We fill your eyewear prescription that is prescribed by the eye doctor.

How does the process of getting my eyewear work?

To get a sense of the type of frames you would like, visit our website or Facebook page to see our collections.


Set up an appointment time and let us know what frames you would like to view. Keep your prescription handy. However, if you don’t have the prescription at the moment don’t worry pick out the frame you like and email us your prescription afterward when you get your eye exam done. If you have misplaced your prescription, we can also obtain your prescription from your doctor on your behalf. All we need from you is a signed consent from you to obtain your prescription.


We will come to your door with selected frames and take your order.


This is the final step, we will bring your ready glasses as well as adjust and fit glasses on your face.

Do I need to pay Sharplooks eyewear for their visit to my door?

Absolutely not. You will be paying only for your eyewear purchase. However, this service is only available in the GTA region.

My existing glasses need a repair/adjustments, what should I do?

We will fix it, not a problem. If you have bought with us, you are eligible for two complimentary visits. If you have not purchased with us before, a minimal service fee will apply. Call or text us for pricing. We will do our best to help you out in every way.

When should I get my eye exam done?

It is recommended you get your eye exam done every one or two years depending on what your eye doctor recommends. Children, elderly or individuals with eye conditions are recommended to get an annual eye exam because their prescriptions are changing every year.

How long will it take for my eyewear to get ready?

We have an express delivery service. It is our goal to deliver your product the SAME DAY (single vision) or at your earliest convenience.

Can you bill directly to my insurance provider?

Yes, we are designed for customer convenience. We can direct bill to the major insurance providers. However, it is entirely dependent on your insurance policy for direct billing. If for some reason, we are not able to do direct bill, you will have to do the billing on your own time. We will provide the necessary invoices that will help you make your insurance claim.

What is the ideal way to clean glasses?

Spray (our solution) front and back of the lens, gently rub on both sides of the lens and then use our microfiber cloth to dry. PLEASE USE THE APPROPRIATE SOLUTION AND MICROFIBER CLOTH. DO NOT USE ANY OTHER TISSUE AS IT WILL CAUSE FURTHER FINE SCRATCHES. FOR GOOD CLEANING WASH THE MICROFIBER CLOTH EVERY 2-3 weeks

Important optical terms:
SINGLE VISION LENS - The most common type of lens prescribed. Single vision is one prescription power throughout the entire lens, it can be for the correction of nearsightedness (myopia) or farsightedness (hyperopia). SV lenses are also used for reading glasses OR just for computer use.
TRANSITION LENS - These lenses change according to UV LIGHT exposure. In other words, they turn into sunglasses when you go into the sun. These lenses are engineered to protect your eyes from the harmful UV & blue light. We are glad to offer you the latest technology Gen 8th transition lenses which more advanced and active. Color Available - GREY, BROWN, GREEN.
POLARIZED LENS - These are your sunglass lenses. They are designed to reduce glare from flat surfaces such as roads, snow, water or glass. With the help of the polarized lens you can see clear especially in bright light with increased contrast and minimal color distortion.
Color Available - GREY, BROWN, GREEN.